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Leading Technology

We have extensive experience in designing and implementing robust Wireless Communications in the SCADA and Automation Industries.

We have selected Market-Leading Manufactures and Technologies that allow AAI to provide a quality field-tested product to work in parallel with our design and service offerings. This affords our customers to have the best and most reliable solution in the industrial market today, keeping in sight the possibility for future expansion.

Cambium Networks - Broadband Solutions

MACHFU - IIoT, Edge Routing

4RF - Licensed Narrowband Solutions

Experienced Staff

Automation Associates Inc. is a company that focuses on designing, installation, consulting and supporting Industrial Automation in the Oil & Gas, Utilities and Ag Markets. The primary focus is to work closely with the customer to turn a requirement into a reality. 

The AAI principle is to: “Never Over Promise, Over Sell, or Under Perform when Designing, Installing, or providing Services to our customers. Winning customers is only the first part of our business plan, maintaining them by being Honest, Reliable and Proficient is our Long-Term goal for continued success”.

 Rural High-Speed Wireless Internet Service (WISP) for your home or business

. provides Rural High-Speed Internet access to your location through various towers and rooftop locations.  Our network connects to your computers via a small customer premise unit leased and installed that distributes high speed internet to your home or business computer network enabling you to surf the internet, get or send email, utilize VOIP phones, watch streaming video and more.     Customers may then utilize in house Wi-Fi or direct network connection to their computers, tablets, or smart phones.  Internet Connection is always on with unlimited data.   


Customized Rural Broadband Services recognizes that our local farmers and small businesses run an essential operation that supports our community and the world. However, the few WISP's that have been providing rural wireless internet service to these farmers and businesses are charging high rates coupled with low bandwidth mainly due to the lack of competition. is locally owned and operated by a group of 4th generation farmers and businessmen that grew up in this area. We will be glad to work with you to bring you the services you desire at an affordable price. Call us today to see how we can help you.

SCADA Services

Whether you need SCADA design, installation, maintenance or troubleshooting, our engineers and technicians provide the solutions and advanced technology to meet your urgent and long-term demand for optimal asset monitoring, control and protection.  AAI is a one stop shop for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) communications for Utilities and Industrial applications, supplying a full-range of wireless solutions.

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